Why I started Dayli

Through my blog I will try to keep you updated on the progress of Dayli. Today I will tell you a bit more about why I felt I had to start this company.

On May 1st Dayli started its test period. Dayli is a new delivery service which I started for people like myself. Before starting Dayli I worked as a strategy consultant. My working hours were very irregular and I worked through evenings very often. I never really enjoyed cooking but living this lifestyle it was even more clear that cooking everyday was not going to happen.

When you leave your parent's house you look forward to eating exactly what you want to eat everyday. Finally you can fill your days frying fries and frikandellen, visiting McDonald's, and ordering pizza. However, about two months after leaving my parent's house I noticed I started to look forward to dinner at home. Those simple meals they made: rice with chicken and broccoli or pasta with salmon and green beans. Simple, tasty meals with enough nutrients and not too much fat.

So many new food delivery services launched but nowhere I found an actual alternative to everyday cooking. Why was it so hard to just order a tasty, simple meal and have it delivered quickly for a good price?

That's why I started Dayli! Tasty meals, nothing too complicated. Healthy and nutricious, but not always only those freaking salads. Just a delivery service for normal, everyday food. With Dayli you can order everyday without getting fat or poor.

Dayli has only just started and we need to learn much more. At the same time it is very exciting to see that after just a week of testing, already many people find us and use us several times a week. Apparently I am not the only one who sometimes does not want to cook but does want to eat a simple, tasty meal.

Through this blog I will try to update you every now and then on our progress with Dayli. Would you like to try one of our meals? Here you can find our tasty, simple meals!